Lottery as a Service

Lottery as a Service (L.a.a.S) is a professional full service lottery operations organisation based in the Netherlands. We successfully help to run different lotteries for our licensed clients.

We grow your lottery in every phase

full service partner

Lottery as a Service (L.a.a.S) is the full service partner for your lottery. We combine a young, ambitious organization with seasoned experts and thrive on making your lottery a success. For all the stakeholders involved.

We take care of your daily operations

While you focus on the strategy, we take care of your daily operations. From buying and delivering the lottery prizes to the execution of your marketing- and branding campaigns. And all other operational work that comes with running a lottery successfully. This while in the meantime our contact center delivers the service your player expects! You are always in charge!

Extremely professional

Since you will be pulling resources and sharing buying- and executional power your lottery is run extremely professional at the lowest cost base possible. All set within the regulators framework.



We can help you with the payment options, financial statement, taxes, etc.


We can help you with the execution of your marketing campaigns.


Build a compatible prize scheme and support in buying and delivery of prizes.


Selling your lottery via multiple channels both online as offline.


We are working with the best legal firms to keep everything up-to-date at all time.


Full service to all your clients needs.

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