The one off charity lottery!


In the Netherlands there are approximately 35 – 40,000 organizations that pursue a charity. With enthusiastic people who are actively and passively committed to their charity. Funds are essential for them. To generate funds, a number of channels are available to them such as collections, donations, inheritances and lotteries.

LOTNL believes that not only a small part of the charities deserve a chance, but every charity. That is why they have developed a new lottery platform: LOTNL

LOTNL offers the possibility for charities to generate new funds, namely by organising their own lottery.

Organizing a lottery is a complex process, The LOTNL team allow any CHARITY TO start a one-time lottery whit in 6 weeks. From the permit application to website, marketing and selling lottery tickets.

We run the complete backoffice for LOTNL.

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