The lottery for child charity

Lot of Happiness

Lot of Happiness is a lottery focused on helping charities for children. At a Lot of Happiness we think every child has the right on a good upbringing.

Whit a Lot of Happiness you can decide yourself for witch charity you want to play. Next to supporting your charity there are amazing prices up to €500.000,00. The amount of prizes is correlated to the amount of players. So there’s always a 1 in 5 chance of winning with Lot of Happiness.

Lot of Happiness is part of FAIRSHARE Nederland B.V.. For FAIRSHARE, were the service partner for Lot of Happiness.

lot of happiness
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By playing with Lot of Happiness your supporting real child heroes! The charities you can play for are making a massive difference for children. The give thousands of children a change of a better future. For more information about the charities click on the pebble’s underneath.

These are the charities you can support:

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